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Fostering Community Growth

Pride Enterprises Spearheads the Rejuvenation of Olney Recreation Center

Oct 17, 2023

We are ecstatic to announce Pride Enterprises' pivotal role in the revitalization of the Olney Recreation Center, a cornerstone project under the illustrious Philadelphia Rebuild initiative. Situated at 100 E. Godfrey Ave, the existing facility sprawls across 13 acres of outdoor space, housing a one-story plus basement building that encompasses 20,600 square feet. Our venture embarks on a comprehensive renovation and new construction agenda that aims not only to enhance the infrastructure but also to invigorate the community’s spirit.

The essence of this project resonates with our enduring commitment to nurturing inclusivity and promoting diversity, not just within our workforce but extending to the communities we serve. The scope of our endeavor is extensive:

  • The complete demolition of the existing one-story recreational center building, along with its basement and an adjacent small concession building.

  • The construction of a new LEED Silver certified 8,500 square foot single-story building, embodying modern architectural prowess on the footprint of the demolished structures.

  • Renovation of the existing 9,472 square foot gym, which will seamlessly integrate with the new building, fostering a conducive environment for community engagement and physical wellness.

  • Comprehensive site renovations including the introduction of a synthetic turf football field, running track, lighting improvements, playgrounds, spray ground, community terrace, and upgrades to existing sports courts and pathways. A new soccer mini pitch will also grace the facility, complemented by fresh landscaping, thereby enriching the recreational palette available to the neighborhood.

This project aligns with the broader vision of the Philadelphia Rebuild initiative, which envisages the rejuvenation of more than 400 neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries in the city. About 90% of these community facilities are in dire need of investment, and through Rebuild, a historic investment fueled by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, is steered towards making tangible improvements to these spaces, promoting diversity, and fostering economic inclusion. Our endeavor at the Olney Recreation Center exemplifies this vision, where our efforts are directed towards creating a haven for learning, playing, exercising, and fostering community interactions.

The Olney Recreation Center is a beloved community hub, hosting a plethora of activities including yoga, ceramics, teen programs, and after-school programs in its multi-purpose rooms, alongside an auditorium and gymnasium. It also serves as a home to numerous community sports leagues, contributing to the vibrant sports culture of the city.

Our journey in transforming the Olney Recreation Center is not merely an infrastructural upgrade; it is a pledge towards enhancing the quality of life for the members of the Olney community. The project is poised to invest a significant number of resources towards this cause, marking a significant stride in bolstering community infrastructure in Philadelphia.

With a philosophy of inclusivity, our workspaces resonate with diverse thought, nurturing an environment where every idea is valued, and innovation is celebrated. Our engagement in the Olney Recreation Center project epitomizes our dedication to large-scale community projects that go beyond construction, touching the lives of the community members, and leaving a lasting positive imprint with them.

We invite you to follow our journey as we, with unwavering resolve, contribute towards a brighter, more inclusive, and vibrant community life in Philadelphia through the Olney Recreation Center project. Stay tuned for more updates as we march forward in making a difference, one project at a time.

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