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Bridging Innovation and Tradition

Pride Enterprises Joins Forces with Whiting-Turner on Princeton University’s Pioneering Project

Mar 22, 2023

We at Pride Enterprises Inc. are elated to unfold our collaboration with Whiting-Turner on a groundbreaking venture at Princeton University. Our joint endeavor embarks on the substantial task of creating a new home for the Environmental Studies and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (ES & SEAS), encompassing a massive 665,700 square feet on the university’s storied campus. This project not only symbolizes our enduring commitment to large institutional projects but also underscores our promise to foster innovation in the construction industry.

The ES & SEAS project is a sterling illustration of modern architectural ingenuity intertwined with a deep reverence for environmental sustainability. It envisages the construction of four distinct buildings, all seamlessly connected underground, set to span across a substantial portion of the campus​. Aiming for completion by 2025, this endeavor will stand as a hallmark of modern technology and sustainability in the built environment​.

Our partnership with Whiting-Turner, where we partake as a 15% partner for the SEAS portion of the project, epitomizes a synergy of expertise and values. Together, we are unifying our efforts to foster a milieu of cutting-edge teaching, research, and collaboration facilities. These facilities are meticulously designed to cater to seven academic departments, institutes, and centers, thereby paving the way for groundbreaking research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

At the core of this project is a shared vision to create a conducive environment for addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges, ranging from climate change to novel vaccine delivery mechanisms​. The architectural design intricately terraces the buildings into the hillside, facilitating not merely a physical edifice but a thriving academic neighborhood. This design not only augments the aesthetic allure of Princeton University but also substantially enhances the public experience of the surrounding neighborhood.

The ES & SEAS complex is a testament to our unwavering dedication towards embarking on large-scale projects that not only demand architectural prowess but also a deep understanding of the broader societal impact. Our commitment to diversity is a cornerstone that shapes our ethos and operational paradigm. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce not only fosters innovation but also drives the execution of comprehensive solutions that resonate with a broad spectrum of societal needs.

Our collaboration with Whiting-Turner on the ES & SEAS project at Princeton University is a vivid manifestation of this commitment. By blending diverse perspectives and expertise, we are not merely constructing buildings but are nurturing an environment where inclusivity fuels the advancement of knowledge and technology. Our pledge to diversity extends beyond our organizational precincts, influencing the communities we serve and setting a benchmark in the industry for inclusivity entwined with excellence. Through every project we undertake, we strive to embody and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion, laying a strong foundation for a more equitable and innovative construction industry.

We invite you to follow our journey as we, alongside Whiting-Turner, endeavor to blend innovation with tradition, creating a legacy of excellence at Princeton University that will resonate for generations to come. This project underscores our enduring commitment to transcend conventional construction paradigms and contribute to projects that stand at the helm of academic and architectural innovation.

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